Supervisor childcare

You can grow with us

What are you learning?

Supervisor childcare

You learn to stimulate children in their self-reliance and their development by organizing activities and supervising play. You learn what a child can do when and how to build a relationship of trust with parents and colleagues. You teach children to provide structure and to respond to them in an appropriate way.

You learn how to change a child, give a bath, cut nails, but also how to handle life-saving. You will prepare baby and childrens meals and accompany food.

you acquire competences about:

  • guiding games and activities
  • taking care of sick children
  • Apply first aid
  • working together in team and in group
  • contacts with parents and supervisors
  • children with specific care needs

General subjects

In the general subjects you get the same subject matter as what is given in full-time vocational education from the 3e year to the 7e year. You also get the English course.

In addition, you can participate in projects such as mini-business, event agency and more!

Business management

If you want to start your own business, you need a certificate of business management.
We offer the opportunity to obtain this certificate during your education. This course lasts one year and is given in the form of a student company.

Together with others, you are trying to make your student business profitable and learn all the tricks of buying and selling. For example, at the end of the journey, you know for sure whether business is something for you and you have a solid luggage to work as a self-employed person.

Something for you?

BKO something for you 3 - Childcare Supervisor

You like to work with children

BKO something for you 2 - Childcare Supervisor

You can work well together

BKO something for you 4 - Childcare Supervisor

You are welcome to take care of others

How old do you have to be?

You can follow the course from 15 years until your 25 is old.

If you are 15, you must have followed at least the first 2 years of full-time education.

If you are older than 18 you must be eligible for a paid job. You must therefore be physically fit and you must have permission to work in Belgium.

Do you have any questions?

Contact us via this website or by phone.

How long does the training take?

A training supervisor in childcare takes on average two years.

It is a linear education, which means you can enter at any time of the year but you can graduate only on 30 June.

Which prior knowledge should you have?

You have the certificate Logistics Assistant obtained in part-time education or you have successfully completed at least a 4th secondary education in Nutrition & Care in full-time education.

If you have completed a course in adult education or have completed a 6e Secondary Care, a shortened course may be possible. For this you must be 18 at the start or 18 year in that school year.

What after?

You will be responsible for the care and supervision of children daily. You offer them structure and commences consultation with the parents.

You can go to a daycare center, out-of-school childcare or kindergarten. You can start working as a wage earner. With a certificate of corporate management, you can also start a childcare with maximum 18 children.

Contact us for more information

You can continue your studies if you have obtained your secondary education diploma. The “Pedagogy of the young child” course gives you the opportunity to become responsible for a childcare center with more than 18 children. You can also study kindergarten teacher.

If you obtain a diploma in learning and working, you will receive a diploma of secondary education. We follow the curriculum of the BSO - vocational secondary education.

With this diploma you can continue studying. Remember that further study is not the first goal of vocational training. The goal of vocational training is to prepare you for the labor market. We therefore pay much attention to competencies that you need to be able to work.
If you plan to continue studying, be sure to discuss this with your PAV teachers. They can advise you whether this is useful. They can also estimate whether you have a chance to succeed. But above all… they can give you tips and guide you in your plans to continue studying.